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If you don’t find the answer you’re looking for, contact us online, request a consultation or call (972) 986-6792.

General Questions

Can I place my order online?

A: We do not currently provide online ordering. Why? We sell an engineered product and want our customers to receive the right product, at the right time, with the right price. We make sure to ask the questions needed to find the specific fastener and tool for your project.

We provide our customers 3 ways to contact and receive pricing on our products:

Can you send us an invoice?

A: Yes, call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792 to speak with our accounts receivable department or email for a copy of an invoice. If your company has an email or fax that you want all your invoices to go to, please notify Karen when you call in or email.

Shipping & Delivery Questions

When will I receive my order?

A: Once your shipment has left our facility, you will receive a tracking number from your salesman, so you can track your package online at or

I don't have my tracking number - what do I do?

A: Please email or call (972) 986-6792 to speak with your salesman or our customer service department and they will be happy to give you the tracking number for your delivery.

Can I ship with my UPS number?

A: Yes, we can apply your UPS number to your package before shipment. Handling rates will still apply.

Can I pick up my package at the Irving location?

A: Yes, we accept all customers at our will-call location. Please let your salesman know you will be arriving for pick up.

What delivery options do you provide?

A: We ship using UPS, FEDEX and USPS, as well as a variety of freight carrier lines in the 50 United States, Mexico and internationally.

Tooling Questions

Does Byler Rivet Supply offer tool repair services?

A: Yes, we are an authorized service center for Huck, POP and Avdel. We also repair tools for Marson and Sherex. Call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792 for an estimate.

Do you stock spare parts for tools?

A: Yes, we supply spare parts for a variety of tools from manufacturers like Huck, POP, Avdel, Marson, Gesipa and more. Call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792 for assistance.

What tools do I need?

A: That depends on the type of fastener, diameter, application and material – one size does not fit all! Please call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792, so we can find the right tool for your specific application.

What fluid do I need for a Huck rivet gun?

A: Dextron ATF is recommended for all Huck rivet guns. Please call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792, so we can answer any tooling questions you have.

What fluid do I need for a POP rivet gun?

A: We recommend POP brand fluid (sold by the quart). DO NOT USE ATF fluid in a POP rivet gun as that will ruin the seals. Please call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792, so we can answer any tooling questions you have.

Can I order parts for a AK175 / HK150?

A: The only parts available for end-user repair of these tools are the front-end components. If there is any damage to the hydraulic system, these tools must be sent in to be overhauled – it cannot be done in the field. Please call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792 to have your AK175 / HK150 tool repaired in our facility.

Does the AK175 or HK150 pull the Huck pin and collar rivets?

A: No, They will only pull blind fasteners – not the Huck Magnagrip, pin and collar style bolts. Please call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792, so we can answer any tooling questions you have.

Can I use the shaver tool on steel rivets?

A: No. Shaver tools work with aluminum shavehead rivets only. Please call (800) 325-3147 or (972) 986-6792, so we can answer any tooling questions you have.

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