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POP Avdel Brand of Fastening & Tooling

POP Avdel brand fastening and tooling

POP Avdel POP Avdel are now a division of STANLEY Engineered Fastening – these iconic brands recently joined forces making them the largest in the commercial fastening and tooling market. Together the companies have over 160 years of experience.

POP offers a wide range of fasteners that can meet the needs of a demanding manufacturing assembly process – some of the many products include: Advelok Collars and Pins, Open-end POP Rivets in a variety of head styles, Rivet Guns and Rivet Nut Tools such as POP Automated Riveting Systems and much more!

Avdel, producing since 1963 can meet all of your fastener and tooling needs. Some of the many Avdel products available range from Speed Fastening Rivets such as Briv and Chobert Rivets to Monobolt Rivets like the Countersunk and Large Flange Monobolt Rivets and much more!

Questions about POP Avdel fastening and tooling? Call our fastening experts today at (972) 986-6792.


POP Avdel Fasteners


We offer a wide range of high quality fasteners from POPAvdel in many styles such as Open End, Closed End, Multi-Grip, and Interlock.

POP Avdel tooling

POP Avdel Tooling


We stock a variety of Rivet Guns & Tools from POP and Avdel. A few of these include the 722 Seires, nG3 Series, POP MCS-5800 Portable Blind Rivet Tool, and many more!

tool repair

POP Avdel Tool Repair


Byler River is an authorized service center providing tool repair, nose assembly, spare parts, and warranty service for all POP Avdel tools.

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How to Use Rivet Tools

How to Use Rivet Tools

How to Use Rivet Tools