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Silaprene SolidBond™ Adhesive & Sealant

SOLIDBOND™ is a one component, high strength bonding adhesive with excellent sealant properties that provides a permanently elastic bond to most substrates. SOLIDBOND™ is a moisture cured, non sag system, specifically developed for the fabrication and repair of trailers, trucks, busses, trains, RV utility bodies, van conversions and specialty vehicles. DESIGNED FOR: 1. Vehicle bodies and cab construction including panels, underbody components, roofing (metallic and FRP), front and rear spoilers, auto trim, moldings, body seams and welding joints. 2. Waterproof lap seams and molding in truck trailers, RV’s and autobody repair. 3. Floor bonding, subfloor to metal crossmembers, butt joints & more 4. Bedding compound for exterior accessories as well as bonding trim and all kinds of stylings 5. A variety of general purpose joint sealing applications 6. Replacement of rivets and mechanical fasteners