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Huck Power Rigs

The Huck Power Rigs & Hydraulic Tooling work together to achieve high volume production.

  • Huck 918-5 Hydraulic Powerig

    Huck 918(-5) POWERIG hydraulic unit, largest unit offered by Huck, Electrically powered.

  • Huck 913H Hydraulic Powerig

    Huck 913H POWERIG, portable hydraulic unit, 135 lbs. w/o hydraulic fluid, gasoline powered

  • Huck 940 Hydraulic Powerig

    940 POWERIG is an electrically powered portable unit that provides hydraulic power for numerous Huck tools.

  • Huck 918 Hydraulic Powerig

    Huck 918 POWERIG®, hydraulic unit; 780 lbs. operational, 585 lbs. w/out fluid, electric powered, largest Huck hydraulic unit available.