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Rivet Nuts & Threaded Inserts

Metric and standard rivet nuts and threaded inserts in varying alloys, sizes and grip ranges including jack nuts, nut-serts / thread-serts, well nuts and well nut kits.

  • Jack Nuts

    Jack Nuts

    Steel jack nuts in .015 - .375 grip range and varying sizes.

  • Nutserts / Thread-serts

    Nutserts / Thread-serts

    Aluminum and steel nutserts and thread-serts in varying diameters.

  • Rivet Nuts

    Rivet Nuts

    Rivet Nuts in steel alloy, varying sizes and 0.010 - 0.200 grip range.

  • Threaded Inserts

    Threaded Inserts

    Aluminum and steel metric and standard threaded inserts in captive protruding, hex, high load bearing, minimal protrusion, and knurled styles.

  • Well Nuts & Kits

    Well Nuts & Kits

    Neoprene Brass Well Nuts and Kits in varying thread sizes and 0.015 - 0.643 grip range.