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Huck Brochures, Catalogs, Tool Manuals, Rivet Charts & Videos

Click the tabs below to download Huck resources including: rivet charts & sizes, instruction manuals, repair parts, safety data, types of rivets, pressure settings, service requirements & more!

Browse Huck PDF Brochures for Fasteners / Rivets

Download your choice of PDF brochures and catalogs for Huck rivets & fasteners.  Huck Brochures contain an overview of each type of rivet Huck provides including: headstyles, sizes, lengths, & tool recommendations.

Auto-bulb Brochures
A-lok Brochures
C50L Brochures
Daisy Brochures
Floortight Brochures
Huckguard Brochures
Magna-tite Brochures
Metric Huck-fit Brochures (Obsolete)
Q-lok Brochures

Browse Huck PDF Brochures for Tooling Products

Download PDF brochures and catalogs for Huck tooling products below.

Browse Huck Tool Manual PDFs

Download your choice of Huck PDF tool manuals.  Huck’s “Instruction Manuals” provide the list of replacement parts, pressures, tool specifications, safety data, operation and servicing requirements for each Huck manufactured riveter & tool.

Power Rigs

Browse Huck Rivet Charts

Download the Huck Rivet Chart you need to determine the type of rivet, rivet size, grip, diameters, head styles, & suggested installation tools for your application.

Browse Huck Videos

View videos for Huck fastening and tooling products below.

A complete instructional video on how to properly install a bobtail nose assembly on a Huck 3585 Tool.

View this video on our YouTube channel at:

For more information on the above rivet tool, pulling heads, spare parts, tool rental or repair service call (972) 986-6792 or submit a consultation request online.


Huck resources

Huck’s full line of blind rivets, Huck Bolts, Large Diameter & Small Diameter fasteners are stocked at Byler Rivet. Magnaloks, BOM Fasteners, Magnagrips, C6L Huck Bolts, HP8’s, C50’s, & more!

Rivet Guns & Tooling

huck tooling

Huck’s line of quality, dependable and robust tools are found here.  2025, 256, Power Rigs, Nose Assemblies and Spare Parts. Byler Rivet is also an “Authorized Tool Repair Center” for All Huck Brand rivetguns.

Tool Repair

tool repair

Huck’s #1 Authorized Tool Repair Center.  At Byler Rivet we repair your Huckgun quickly and swiftly to assure fast turn-around and to keep your company in production.  Call Us Today to have your tool repaired.  800-325-3147