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Custom Packaging

Custom Bags & Boxes to Your Specification

Custom Packaging – We provide custom packaging of fasteners and rivets for our valued customers who need this service. We specialize in custom packaging in a bag or box fitting customer needs including logos.

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PO Box 154093, Irving, TX 75061

2118 Parkside Ave, Irving, TX 75061

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Products We Offer

Manus Bond and Silaprene develop and formulate custom solutions for adhesives, sealants, caulking, tape and coating needs for the trailer, transportation (road, rail and aerospace), manufacturing and construction industries. These adhesives and sealants work on surfaces such as wood, metal, truck cabs, RV’s, glass and fiberglass.

We stock structural and non-structural fasteners such as nuts, bolts and screws, as well as washers for a variety of applications and fastening needs.

Industries We Serve

  • Agriculture / Farming
  • Automotive
  • Energy Markets
    • Oil & Gas
    • Solar
    • Wind
  • Industrial & Manufacturing
  • Railway, Track & Crossing
  • Truck & Trailer


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